Joseph C. Bauer is a dynamic, creative innovator, experienced in all phases of audio/video production, teaching, communication, promotion and marketing with a wealth of specialized training, history of academic achievement, and a solid record of accomplishment in professional responsibilities. Producer, director, narrator and master of ceremonies: equally at home in front of a microphone or behind a camera — creating an extravaganza or starring in one, few people are as experienced in so many diversified areas of Mass media/Communications/Production and Teaching.

Dubbed “The Voice” by his peers, he is heard on national commercials, film and tape, radio/TV shows and has “Voiced” special productions such as “Get High on Life” and the “Music Hall of Fame” series. He produced, directed, and narrated the official National Speakers Association documentary, and is producer/host of the very popular radio and television series Assignment Adventure.

Creator and director of seminars and conventions for prestigious organizations, he delivers keynote speeches at international conferences, and M . C. ‘s numerous special events.

A professional performer at the age of 9, he went on to be an announcer, TV anchorman, sportscaster, interviewer, producer/director, performer, even founder and conductor of a swingphonic orchestra, and mass media expert.

Many world leaders, personalities and intellectuals have been interviewed by him in producing hundreds of internationally syndicated documentaries and specials.

Creator of college courses in writing, directing, impact of media, creative broadcasting, and special events. He has trained correspondents in gathering, editing and delivering news, documentaries, and celebrity interviews. He creates Radio/TV specials, produces albums, cassette programs, and narrates award winning films.

With special expertise in the use of television to inspire, educate and entertain he is a favorite talk show guest, teaches individuals proper media image, and delivers keynote speeches. He travels the globe escorting exclusive groups on unique tours while producing documentaries and interviewing world leaders.